Our ‘life-sized’ highly durable and modular BIGBOXPLAY system engages children 2 to 10 in wholesome interactive creative physical play and learning. Whether their imagination calls for a castle or rocket ship, children can rearrange BIGBOXPLAY over and over again to their liking via the patent-pending bolt and grommet system.


Four years ago, Pete Moffett, the Founder of BIGBOXPLAY and grandfather of six, came up with this idea because he was frustrated with all the digital and big media toys his grandson was receiving as gifts. Pete wanted something that stood out to provide a special connection with his grandson. After all, who doesn’t love playing in cardboard boxes and building forts?

This concept came to be known as BIGBOXPLAY, and it is the first-of-its-kind ‘life-sized’ play system designed around children’s iconic love for playing in cardboard boxes and building imaginary worlds of forts, castles, and spaceships. Our double-wall corrugated cardboard play system also comes with exciting themes and Adventure Guides.

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